AUDIO: Steve Nowicki Nails His ‘Useless Impressions’ and a New Prank Call to Sal’s Dad

Stern Show staffer does a dead-on Tony Governale voice

May 2, 2018
Sal Governale with his father Tony Sal Governale with his father Tony

Steve Nowicki may or may not be the best-looking Stern Show staffer, but he certainly proved to be a budding prank call talent Wednesday morning.

With an assist from Sal, Steve called up the infamous elder Governale, Tony, and pretended to be a fellow pizza enthusiast looking to go into business with him. The catch? He too claimed to be Tony Governale.

In the call, Sal’s dad proceeds to explore the potential arrangement with his thick-accented suitor before realizing it is a goof and telling Steve, “You’re not even Italian!”

Hear the full phony phone call (below).

Considering his skilled impression, both Howard and Robin wondered when Steve realized he could imitate Tony.

“I edited that game that we did, the Sal’s Dad game, and then the weekend after I edited it, I was just walking around in my house … talking to myself,” he recalled.

Steve Nowicki Steve Nowicki Photo: The Howard Stern Show

While Steve seems to trade barbs in Italian with Mr. Governale during the prank, he did admit Tony was right and it was all gibberish. “It’s like when Beetlejuice speaks another language,” he joked.

The impressions didn’t stop with Tony Governale, either. Steve demonstrated his ability to impersonate the likes of former Stern Show staffer High Pitch Mike and even Wack Packer Sour Shoes (below).

“Isn’t it crazy when you realize you can do an impression of someone no one cares about?” Howard said with a laugh.

“I’m a master of useless impressions,” Steve agreed.