PHOTO: See the Unwashed Jeans Richard Christy Has Worn to Work Every Day for 5 Years

“Freeze it and Febreze it—that’s what you gotta do,” the Stern Show staffer says

January 30, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard was grossed out to learn Richard Christy owns only one pair of jeans and has worn them almost every day for five years without washing them, so he brought the Stern Show staffer into the studio Wednesday to both examine the filthy pants in question and get an explanation for his latest round of unhygienic behavior.

Take a look at them yourself (above).

“Why would he think that that’s appropriate after listening to our conversation with JD about his sheets?” co-host Robin Quivers wondered, referring to JD Harmeyer’s notoriously soiled bed linens.

Richard’s defense was simple: he loves his jeans but owns only a single pair because of their hefty $200 price tag. He also insisted the salesman who sold him the pants said they’d last longer if, instead of washing them, Richard put them in the freezer every month or so.

“Freeze it and Febreze it—that’s what you gotta do,” Richard declared. “You throw ‘em in the freezer; it kills the germs.”

But Howard and Robin were skeptical of the science behind Richard’s methodology. Additionally, the person who sold Richard the jeans likely wasn’t aware how frequently Richard soils his own pants.

“Honestly man, I’m not saying I’m the cleanest guy in the world, but I wash my pants, dude,” Howard said, wondering if Richard’s wife got on his case for constantly wearing dirty jeans.

“She don’t mind,” Richard said. “That’s why she’s awesome.”

The same goes for Richard’s officemate Sal Governale, apparently. Sal chimed in to say his colleague’s filthy jeans didn’t really bother him, though he’s confident Richard craps his pants far more often than anyone realizes, which means investing in a pair of backup jeans might ultimately be a wise decision. Plus, as Howard pointed out, it would hardly cost Richard more money than one of his patented nights out on the town.

“You might have a point there,” Richard said, changing his tune. “I’ll treat myself, thanks.”