AUDIO: Bobo Admits He’s Been Intentionally Mispronouncing His Own Last Name for Years

“I like that ring better … I like the way it sounds,” the frequent Stern Show caller tells Howard

March 4, 2019
Bobo shows off his many pieces of jewelry during a 2016 visit to the Stern Show Bobo shows off his many pieces of jewelry during a 2016 visit to the Stern Show Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Frequent Stern Show caller Bobo has mispronounced many a word in his years of talking to Howard over the phone. But is it possible he’s been intentionally saying his own last name wrong?

Controversy erupted on Monday after Bobo admitted his last name “Bowe” is correctly pronounced without a long E sound at the end, as in “bow and arrow.” However, he regularly tells people to say his name the same way they would say the last name of rock star David Bowie.

“I like that ring better. I like the way it sounds,” Bobo explained, telling Howard he’s been saying it that way for years.

“Bobo, is there one thing that you’ve ever told us that’s the truth?” a frustrated Robin Quivers asked.

Just last week, Bobo gave Spectrum News 13 his mispronounced name for his latest on-air driving safety segment. Not only does he like the ring of “Bow-ee,” it would appear Bobo just likes rings. He had several turquoise pieces adorning his fingers while being interviewed by the news crew.

“I collect them over the years. I went to the Indian powwow … in the Hamptons,” Bobo said of where he originally bought his now famous jewelry.

As his friend and fellow Stern Show caller Mariann from Brooklyn later pointed out, it wasn’t just his last name that Bobo misconstrued on TV. He also said “in arms way” instead of “in harm’s way” and accidentally suggested a hammer could “explode” a car window when he meant to say it could shatter it.

As for the police hat Bobo previously wore during a televised interview despite never working in law enforcement, it was back on his head last week only this time he wore it backwards. Some on the Stern Show also noticed the shirt he was wearing said National Safety Council, though he’s never held a job there, either.

Bobo explained he only wears the t-shirt to “simulize” all the years he taught driver safety.