AUDIO: Stern Show Celebrates Gary Dell’Abate’s Birthday With New Compilation of Fake Name Shout-Outs

“I’m so proud of the guys. You know, this is what this show is all about,” Howard says before playing the birthday announcements

March 13, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate’s turns 58 later this week. To celebrate the big day, the master pranksters in back office put together yet another compilation of phony birthday announcements.

“For the past two months … the guys in the back have been working to get radio stations around the world to say fake names related to Gary,” Howard explained Wednesday morning. “And this time we would say Gary was from India or Bangladesh in order to get longer and longer and more elaborate statements on the air.”

The new batch of fake shout-outs touched upon everything from Gary’s infamous bogarting of Mindy Kaling’s lox to his well-known affinity for vinyl and shrimp. One even poked fun at his more recent stumble from behind the wheel of his friend’s new Tesla. Much like with the previous birthday packages compiled for Stern Show stalwarts Robin Quivers and Ronnie Mund, everything was fair game.

“This is very exciting,” Howard said before playing the clip. “I’m so proud of the guys. You know, this is what this show is all about.”

Gary, for his part, just hoped his wife Mary wasn’t listening. “My wife was driving somewhere,” he said after looking at his watch. “I’m hoping she’s home.”