Ronnie ‘the Limo Driver’ Mund Reveals Why He Was Forced to Fire His Last Therapist

“The shrink did the worst thing he could ever do,” Howard explains

March 13, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

On Wednesday’s Stern Show, Ronnie Mund admitted he’s pretty much always angry. Howard’s longtime limo driver said he’s working on the issue in therapy but revealed he recently had to switch therapists after an incident occurred during their session.

Howard recounted the story for his listeners. “The shrink did the worst thing he could ever do,” he explained. “He fell asleep on Ronnie.”

“What?” Robin exclaimed. “How do you fall asleep on Ronnie?”

The therapist claimed to just be “resting his eyes” and still charged him for the session, but Ronnie called him up after the incident and told him he no longer required his services. Thankfully, he gets along better with the person he’s seeing now.

The Stern Show staffers in studio couldn’t help but goof on Ronnie about how a therapist might get tired of hearing endless pegging stories, and Howard even fielded a call from “Ronnie’s Original Therapist,” who fell asleep once again on the phone. But in all seriousness, Howard felt bad about what Ronnie went through. “I’m sorry that happened to you, Ronnie,” he told him.

“Yeah, it sucked,” Ronnie said.

The King of All Media also couldn’t understand how a trained mental health professional could fall asleep on an angry patient, especially this one. “I’ll tell ya, when Ronnie’s angry, I at least have one eye open,” Howard said with a laugh.