VIDEO: Watch Kurt Angle Read His Love Poem to Robin Quivers

And check out more videos of classic Robin moments that the WWE superstar mentioned in his poem

March 22, 2019

In 2009, Olympic gold medalist and WWE superstar Kurt Angle got down on one knee and delivered a love poem he wrote for Robin Quivers. The Stern Show co-host was clearly smitten as she sat in the studio that morning and listened to what Kurt had to say to her.

“I won a gold medal in the Olympics, they say I’ve never been beat,” Kurt read for Robin. “I’m also a gold medalist in the sack, much better than vegetables and meat.”

That wasn’t the only Stern Show reference Kurt made in his poem, however. He also mentioned Robin’s 34 score on Dr. Drew’s narcissism test, her distinct middle name, and the time she ordered an $800 bottle of wine while out to dinner with Howard.

Watch the full clip of Kurt Angle professing his love for Robin in the video (above) and check out videos for some of the other famous Stern Show moments alluded to in his love poem (below).

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