Show Rundown: April 2, 2019

Howard reveals a few alternate titles for his new book

April 2, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

“Howard Stern Comes Again” is due out on May 14, and in the meantime the King of All Media has been busy planning the promotion tour for his highly-anticipated new book.

While the title has already proved to be a hit, one caller Tuesday morning wondered if there were any others considered during the writing process.

Howard looked back at his list and revealed he considered quite a few including “Howard Stern Comes Too Fast,” “Howard Stern Dianetics Part 2,” “Howard Stern Still Masturbates,” and even “Mein Cock.”

“That would’ve been a good one,” Robin joked of the last option.

Later, Howard took a call from his alter ego, who also wrote a book. “‘Hung Handsome Howard’ is me if I was born with a big cock and I was really handsome,” he told listeners.

Hear how the two books differ (below).