Underdog Embedded Part 2: Hear Suzanne Muldowney Give Shuli Egar a ‘Vampire Kiss’ on His Neck

“Whoa! Did you have a hickey?” Howard asks after listening to audio of their romantic moment

April 2, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stern Show listeners were introduced to a different side of Suzanne Muldowney on Tuesday as Howard played the long-awaited Part 2 of the Underdog Embedded special. Suzanne has formed a close friendship with Shuli Egar throughout the years, but during this latest visit the two came closer than they ever have before, quite literally.

While telling Shuli and his fellow Stern Show staffer Chris Wilding about a Dracula dance she developed several years ago, she explained part of her performance would be pulling someone out of the audience and giving them a “vampire kiss” on their neck. She offered to demonstrate on Shuli and was soon sucking away on his neck.

“Whoa! Did you have a hickey?” Howard asked after hearing the audio (above) of the somewhat romantic moment. Shuli replied Suzanne didn’t suck quite that hard but that she kept her mouth on him for longer than expected.

“It was like a car accident. It happened so fast and yet it happened in slow motion at the same time,” Chris described.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Back when she originally performed her Dracula dance, Suzanne admitted her show-stopping “vampire kiss” was meant to be planted on two professors whom she greatly admired for their research on Dracula. Unfortunately a scheduling issue prevented both of the men from getting to see her performance, something Suzanne regrets to this day.

Her interest in Dracula began in the early 1970s after Suzanne watched the movie “The Night Stalker” on television. “That got me interested in mental patients who imagine themselves to be vampires,” she told Shuli and Chris.

She points to Gary Oldman in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” as being the best depiction of the character she’s ever seen. “It has much more historic material than most other dramatizations,” Suzanne said of the film.

She can’t say the same for Leslie Nielsen in “Dracula: Dead and Loving It,” a parody film she doesn’t find to be even slightly funny due to how many inaccuracies it includes.

Since her love of Dracula is still alive and well, Shuli wondered if Suzanne would ever be willing to take to the stage and perform her original dance to the famous vampire again, perhaps even in a video on the SiriusXM app. Her answer, sadly, was no since she doesn’t believe she’d be able to play the dance’s accompanying music anymore.

“I don’t think audio cassette machines are used anymore for playing music [and] I lost all my phonograph records,” she said with a whimper.

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