Show Rundown: June 3, 2019

JD Harmeyer considers participating in a heavy metal ritual with Richard Christy

June 3, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

The last time JD Harmeyer hit the high seas he was headed to Peggy’s Cove in Canada, but on Monday the Stern Show staffer revealed he may be taking up rowing a very different kind of boat … at a heavy metal concert.

JD told Howard he recently expressed interest in seeing Swedish death metal band Amon Amarth perform live after being introduced to them by his co-worker Richard Christy. And upon hearing of JD’s interest, Richard said he couldn’t wait to see JD perform one specific fan ritual at the concert.

“The crowd sits on the floor and pretends to row … and it looks cool as hell,” Richard explained to Howard. Watch an example from a recent show he attended (below).

JD wasn’t so sure he’d participate but was open to it so long as he didn’t have to be part of a mosh pit. “I hate metal concerts because of mosh pits. I do not want to be in a mosh pit whatsoever,” he said.

His aversion to mosh pits is not shared by Brent Hatley’s wife, evidently, who went with her husband to see another Swedish metal band called Meshuggah over the weekend and moshed so hard she left with an injury.

“She ran into a guy’s elbow … and she’s got a big gash,” Brent said, adding he had to gather medical supplies from another concertgoer to bandage her up.

Luckily the damage isn’t permanent, but Brent said it may be enough to keep the pair from swinging for a bit as she heals up.