JD Harmeyer on How He Accidentally Kissed Will Murray’s Wife on the Lips: ‘I Leaned in and I Guess I Turned My Head or Something’

Stern Show staffer explains to Howard he was just trying to say goodbye

July 15, 2019

All JD Harmeyer was trying to do was say goodbye to Will Murray’s wife while leaving Jason Kaplan’s recent barbecue. But when the Stern Show staffer went to give her a quick kiss on the cheek, he wound up locking lips with her instead.

“I thought she wanted to do the kiss on the cheek thing so I leaned in and I guess I turned my head or something,” he told Howard on Monday. “It wasn’t like a perfect kiss but our lips did meet.”

As awkward as the incident may have been, JD said he and Will’s wife both just laughed it off.

“We acknowledged what happened. I mean … we were around people when it happened,” JD said.

“Does Will get to kiss your wife now?” Howard joked.

“If that would make him feel better, sure. Why not?” JD replied.