Ronnie ‘the Limo Driver’ Mund Works the Crowd at Shuli Egar’s Comedy Show

Things got real blue, real fast

July 15, 2019

Stern Show fans who bought tickets to Shuli Egar’s recent stand-up show got a special treat after they took their seats and saw none other than Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund up on stage. He served as the emcee for the evening and won the room over by yelling out a few of his classic catchphrases, the majority of which are full of profanities.

“I don’t do stand-up. I’m a host,” he explained. But Howard wondered if everyone in the audience understood Ronnie’s shtick and if he should have toned his act down a bit.

“Look, Ronnie works blue. Only blue,” Robin Quivers reasoned.

One person in attendance who had never heard of Ronnie before was the aunt of comedian Mike Feeney, who opened for Shuli that night. She decided to surprise her nephew and show up unannounced to see his act, not knowing she’d also have to sit through Ronnie’s onstage spectacle. Once the show was over, Mike told Shuli his aunt came up to him and remarked, “Well, that was interesting.”

It wasn’t just his mouth that was getting Ronnie in trouble recently, either. He once again participated in the cross-country Gold Rush Rally and admitted on Monday he got stopped by police for passing cars on a two-lane road somewhere between Kansas and Oklahoma.

“We got pulled over … and got a lecture from a small-town sheriff who’s a really nice guy,” Ronnie told Howard.

Luckily there was no citation issued since the officer who pulled him over also happened to be a Stern Show fan. After he ran Ronnie’s license and recognized the name, the officer even asked if he could snap a photo with him. Of course, Ronnie obliged.

“I have a picture with this big, giant cop, man. So funny,” Ronnie said with a laugh.