VIDEO: Gary Dell’Abate Explains Why He Volunteered to Shave His Head in Solidarity With Jon Hein

“You don’t do that for a friend with male pattern baldness,” a perplexed Howard says

July 17, 2019

Stern Show staffer Jon Hein shaved his head recently and on Monday morning he entered the studio and became the latest person to show off their noggin for Howard and Robin Quivers. “I did a number one all around,” Jon explained. “I figured, ‘It’s summer, why not? I’ll give it a shot.’ And then, uh, I did it.”

Jon made his decision after getting encouragement from his Wrap Up Show co-hosts Gary Dell’Abate and Rahsaan Rogers, who volunteered to shave their heads along with him. “If you shaved your head, I would totally go there with you. I’ll give it a shot, what the fuck,” Gary had vowed.

Gary didn’t keep his promise, but even his initial decision to partake in another man’s haircut left Howard perplexed. “Why would he even say that?” Howard asked Jon. “You weren’t looking for anyone to shave their head!”

Jon shrugged: “It was a nice gesture.”

“He just wants to be in on it,” Robin suggested.

Gary chimed in to defend himself and claimed it was all Rahsaan’s idea, but Howard didn’t let him off the hook so easily. “If Jon was dying of cancer and he had chemo—I understand. But you don’t do that for a friend with male pattern baldness,” Howard told him.

“It sounded funny for a second,” Gary later admitted.