VIDEO: Memet Successfully Lobbies to Have a Beaver Named After Him at the Pittsburgh Zoo

“I thought Gary would be upset they didn’t name the beaver after him,” the Stern Show staffer tells Howard

July 22, 2019

It seems Memet Walker is seeking to pass on his name to a new generation, but not by having a child. Instead, the Stern Show staffer successfully lobbied for a baby beaver to be named after him at the Pittsburgh Zoo.

The stunt left his co-workers baffled come Monday morning, especially considering the other options he could’ve chosen.

“Wouldn’t it be funny to get the beaver named Baba Booey because he’s got beaver teeth?” Howard pointed out, suggesting the animal could’ve been named for the Stern Show’s executive producer, Gary Dell’Abate. “It was just a big waste of time and a waste of a good beaver name.”

Memet claimed he was just following the lead of his “fans” but his own tweets told a different story.

And after confronted with the evidence, Memet admitted he thought winning the poll would get under his co-worker’s skin. “I thought Gary would be upset they didn’t name the beaver after him,” he conceded.

Gary, though, was adamant it was just the opposite. “I’m not looking for a fucking beaver to be named after me. I’m telling you right now,” he shot back.

Nonetheless, if you find yourself in Pennsylvania’s Steel City, you can now visit a beaver named Memet at the zoo.