VIDEO: Brent Hatley Struggles With Audio Issues While Recording Sex With His Wife

“It’s a little more difficult than you’d imagine,” the staffer reveals on Monday’s Stern Show

August 4, 2019

Brent Hatley isn’t shy about discussing his sex life on air, and on Monday the staffer revealed he’s been trying to take it one step further by recording audio of him and his wife Katelyn in the throes of passion. Unfortunately, as Howard learned on Monday, Brent just can’t seem to capture clean audio.

Howard and his staff were perplexed by how someone with his level of radio experience could have difficulty recording audio, but Brent said the acoustics in his room and the fact he’s recording on a cell phone are making things complicated. “It’s a little more difficult than you’d imagine,” he told Howard.

JD Harmeyer listened to the tape as part of his job and confirmed it was difficult to decipher. “You can hear the air conditioner more than anything,” he said, adding, “It’s like 31-minutes long.”

JD also revealed Brent’s wife is much louder than her husband in the bedroom. Brent agreed. “I don’t make much noise. I mean, as a guy you really shouldn’t,” he replied.

Howard eventually played clips from Brent’s muffled sex tape. Check out the segment (above).