Brent Hatley Has Big Plans for the Upcoming Trip to Los Angeles

Benjy Bronk will also be out in California with Howard and the rest of the Stern Show

September 16, 2019

On Monday’s show, Howard discussed his upcoming L.A. trip to christen the brand new SiriusXM Pandora studios as well as to continue to spread the word about his latest book, “Howard Stern Comes Again.” As confident as Howard is that the upcoming West Coast shows will be “a lot of fun,” he was less enthusiastic about coordinating everything.

Not everyone on the Stern Show is able to make the trip to California, but two staffers who will be flying out are Benjy Bronk and Brent Hatley. “People might be interested in Benjy’s experiences,” Howard mentioned. Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate revealed Benjy recently came to him and requested to either walk all 3,000 miles out there or to come back home on foot. Howard was all for the bit.

“Maybe Benjy will do something interesting and actually record it,” he said of his staffer.

Brent will be doing more than just his regular Stern Show duties while out in Los Angeles. He told his co-workers on Monday how his wife has given him permission to sleep with other women while out west with the caveat that he has to tell her all about it when he gets home.

“I have to tell every detail,” Brent said.

When Robin asked how Brent would remember every detail, the staffer reminded her of his 122 working memory score from his 2018 I.Q. test.