Howard Is Hard at Work Crafting a New Song With Mark Ronson and JD Harmeyer Wants to Document It

Stern Show staffer says he would like to direct a documentary about the recording process

January 22, 2019

Howard and his musical sidekick Fred Norris have been hard at work the past few months crafting a hit song and on Monday the King of All Media revealed the two have officially begun collaborating with super-producer Mark Ronson on the track.

“I told Fred I needed something with a B-52s kind of feel to it,” Howard explained. “But Mark is going to take it and put a spin and contemporize it so I have a hit.”

Before they get too far into the recording process, Stern Show staffer JD Harmeyer said he would like to direct a documentary about what happens behind the scenes.

“You’ve got to let him,” Robin Quivers enthusiastically told Howard.

JD had little in the way of a strategy or details, though. “I honestly don’t know if I could handle it, but I would try for sure,” he promised. “I would do the game plan whenever I hear what all I would be allowed to take and stuff.”

Needless to say, JD inspired little confidence with his pitch, but Howard thought they could still make something work. “I actually see, like, JD makes a documentary on me making this song and then we make a documentary following JD around as he makes the documentary,” he said with a laugh.

If directing the piece doesn’t work out, JD said he also wouldn’t mind simply being a cameraman.