Show Rundown: January 23, 2019

Howard previews the Newly-Wet Game, pitting Brent Hatley and his wife against Ronnie Mund and his fiancée

January 23, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

Howard kicked off Wednesday’s Stern Show by previewing next week’s Newly-Wet Game, pitting Stern Show staffer Brent Hatley, his wife Katelyn, and her new breasts against Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund and his fiancée Stephanie.

While the contest is all in good fun, Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate revealed there’s serious debate in the back office over which couple will emerge victorious and many staffers are placing cash wagers.

For his money, Gary. liked Brent’s chances. “It’s really nothing against Ronnie. I think Ronnie’s like most guys—he half-listens, so I think he’ll just know half the stuff,” Gary explained.

But Howard, who will host the on-air competition, and co-host Robin Quivers both put their money on Howard’s longtime limo driver, who might not be married to Stephanie but has been in a relationship with her for a dozen years. They made wagers with staffer Memet Walker who, despite defeating Brent in last year’s much-ballyhooed I.Q. test, thinks his on-air rival will win this competition. He was so confident, in fact, he bet $500 in total on Brent.

Brent also updated everyone on his wife’s recent surgery to replace her defective breast implants. She is apparently recovering nicely after getting 585 cubic centimeters of silicone installed into her chest.

“That’s a lot of CCs,” Howard said. “That’s over a D-cup, isn’t it?”

“Oh, easily over a D-Cup,” Brent responded. “She’s going to be a double or triple-D—somewhere in that range.”