King of All Blacks Fires Back at Rahsaan Rogers After Wrap Up Show Rant

Frequent caller calls in live to argue with the Stern Show staffer

January 23, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wrap Up Show co-host Rahsaan Rogers has faced off against King of All Blacks in the past, but while on the air Friday he made, maybe, his strongest declaration against the frequent caller yet.

“Rahsaan on the Wrap Up Show did an anti-King of All Blacks rap and an angry King of All Blacks left us three voicemails,” Howard told listeners Wednesday.

Rahsaan went so far as to call for King to be kept off the airwaves after hearing him defend R. Kelly in the wake of alarming allegations against the singer. “Your phone connection was trash this week, you struck out all four times you called, enough is enough,” he said.

King of All Blacks, in turn, called in live to Wednesday’s Stern Show and told Rahsaan he wasn’t being real with himself. “First of all, change your whole thinking and stop running away from your blackness,” he instructed.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“It’s like he’s trying to prove his blackness,” Rahsaan shot back. “His definition of a black man is the stereotype and I guess I don’t fit the stereotype.”

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