VIDEO: Ralph Cirella Accuses JD Harmeyer of Pocketing Money After Expensing a Fancy Meal

“I want my $150 for my salad back,” Howard’s longtime stylist says

October 29, 2019

JD Harmeyer’s finances came under scrutiny again on Tuesday when the staffer revealed he still wasn’t saving money after taking Howard’s advice to pay off his credit cards. According to JD, the money he’s saved from interest fees is being mitigated by rising costs in his life, including everything from rent hikes to $11 drinks at the karaoke bar.

When Howard’s longtime stylist Ralph Cirella called in, though, he suggested JD recently saved money in another way after he picked up a $694 dinner tab in Los Angeles and then later expensed the meal.

“JD said he expensed that dinner, so if he did then he got paid back for it, so I want my $150 for my salad back!” Ralph exclaimed.

JD gave his side of the story and said he was under the impression his expense account should only be used on SiriusXM employees and not Ralph, whose dinner etiquette was memorably called into question that night after he showed up late, sampled from everyone else’s appetizers, and then complained about his portion of the bill.

“I don’t know how it all fucking works,” JD told Ralph. “You want your money? I’ll give you your money back, alright?”

Howard then waded into the fray, trying to determine exactly how much JD paid and how much he expensed overall, but getting straight answers wasn’t easy. “You know what, I wouldn’t go to dinner with any of you,” he laughed. “I just want to pay my own bill.”

“I hate this so much,” JD said after more arithmetic and back and forth conversation. “I hate all of this.”

His co-worker Jason Kaplan noted JD seemed eager to repay Ralph just to rid himself of the situation. “He’s so confused with money he’s willing to give Ralph $150 whether he thinks he owes it to him or not,” he said.

“And you wonder if he’s saving money,” Robin told Howard. “That’s why I asked if he had a budget because they’re not paying attention really to anything.”

Howard eventually tasked Jason with determining exactly who owed what to whom.

“That’s your assignment today. I want everyone off of comedy, I want everyone on JD’s finances. I’m putting the whole organization behind this,” he said.

Jason quickly returned with answers, explaining to Howard that JD owed Ralph just $10 and also owed another of his co-workers $40. “It took me about 30 seconds looking at JD’s expense report to figure that out. I’m really unsure what he was confused by,” Jason said.

Regardless, Howard had simple instructions for everyone who was listening. “If you go out to dinner, do not ask JD to handle this. Just ask him for what he owes,” he said.