AUDIO: Sal Governale Uses His Howard Impression to Call a Gay Night Club in New Phony Phone Call

“I listen to you all the time!" the excited employee who picked up the call tells Richard Christy

November 4, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

On Monday’s show, Howard debuted Stern Show staffers Richard Christy and Sal Governale’s latest phony phone call, a product of October’s trip to Los Angeles.

“We called a gay nightclub in Hollywood with a list of Sal and Richard’s most outrageous in-studio stunt proposals,” Howard announced.

“Oh dear,” Robin responded.

“Sal did his terrible impression of me,” Howard continued. “We wanted to see what the club owner would agree to if he thought he was really talking to me … I think he agreed to pretty much everything.”

“Wait a second, is this like Sal & Richard?” a man at the club asked after Richard Christy introduced himself over the phone. “I listen to you all the time!”

Once “Howard” entered the conversation with his first “hey now,” the club employee was all in. “Oh my God, Howard … this is so exciting,” he cooed.

Sal, as Howard, proceeded to pitch him on a list of wild ideas that the Stern Show duo have actually tried to do on air in the past. If the call is any indication, just about anything goes at this L.A. club.

Listen to the full call (below).