Gary Dell’Abate Contemplates Throwing Out Another First Pitch

More than a decade after his disastrous showing at Citi Field, the Stern Show's executive producer considers trying to redeem himself

November 19, 2019

Howard reported on Tuesday that, after throwing out the first pitch at a Mets game in 2009 that is regularly argued as one of the worst of all time, Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate has been contemplating a second chance. He hinted he might take the mound again on a recent Wrap Up Show but gave no further details.

“Fa Fa Fooey is actually considering … that he has some small desire to throw another first pitch,” Howard noted. “I can’t imagine why he’d want to revisit the single most humiliating moment in his life.”

“He thinks if he goes out and throws another pitch and it works out for him it will make this one go away,” Robin gathered. “This one is never going away.”

Gary, on the other hand, was quick to debunk any such possibility of a return. “I don’t think that but a lot of people … are trying to convince me of that because they want to see me make a fool of myself,” he said. “I still know I can do better but I don’t even want to go down that road anymore.”

“Yeah there’s no upside because Gary, if you even throw a perfect pitch, they’re still going to go, ‘But look at the first time he did it’,” Howard cautioned.

To relive this special moment in sports history, watch the video (below).