VIDEO: Howard Wonders Who the Real Jon Hein Is: Regular Jon or High Energy Jon?

Stern Show dissects Jon's demeanor on his daily sports TV show

November 20, 2019

During Wednesday’s show, Howard revealed that recent office chatter has put into focus Stern Show staffer Jon Hein and his persona on the Wrap Up Show versus on “Loudmouths,” his daily sports debate show on SNY. “The theory around here is there are two Jon Heins,” Howard said. “There’s regular Jon Hein that you hear on the Wrap Up Show and High Energy Jon.”

Elaborating on the matter was fellow staffer Jason Kaplan. “Wrap Up Show is slightly higher energy Jon than you get here,” he explained. “But … where ‘Hit ‘em with the Hein’ came from is that sports show he does, where he turns into a completely different human being.”

Playing a clip of Jon during his “Throwing Shade” segment, Howard noticed the difference in his staffer. “He’s almost at Mad Dog level when he’s high energy,” Howard said, referring to SiriusXM’s own Chris “Mad Dog” Russo.

“Oh yeah, he’s putting on a show,” Jason agreed. “He’s got opinions, he’s forceful.”

“That’s not the Jon I know,” Howard concurred.

“I can’t even imagine him producing that voice,” Robin marveled.

Once in the studio, Jon did not discount the contrast. “On the TV show, when it comes to that sports topic, I was pretty fired up for sure,” he admitted. “The show is ‘Loudmouths’ and you want to … stir it up a little bit.”

However, there was one point that Jon was not on board with. “I have the same energy level on Wrap Up that I do on ‘Loudmouths’ … absolutely,” he said.

Upon playing more clips of the different Jons, Howard seemed most onboard with the one that appears on his show. “I’m kind of happy with the Jon Hein I have,” Howard said. “I like your natural kind of energy, it’s calming.”

See if you can spot the various Jons for yourself in the video (above).