VIDEO: ‘Alex Jones’ Sounds Off After Getting Booted From Hollyweird Squares

Garrulous broadcaster reveals he has his own star-studded Christmas spectacular in the works

December 16, 2019

There’s only room for nine contestants on Tuesday’s eagerly anticipated return of Hollyweird Squares, so when Howard added Brent and Katelyn Hatley to the panel on Monday morning he also revealed that previously announced contestant “Alex Jones” was getting the boot.

That news didn’t sit well with “Alex,” who called into the Stern Show to give the King of All Media a piece of his mind. “We have been shadow banned by Google, Apple, YouTube, Facebook, and now … Howard Stern,” he said, broadcasting from a Christmas-decorated set.

“I’m sorry about the mix-up with Hollyweird Squares,” Howard told him.

However, the fast-talking, conspiracy-loving InfoWars star was in no mood for an apology. “Alex” said he was looking forward to Hollyweird Squares and had intended to give Howard a copy of his new book—”Alex Jones Exposes Globalist Pedophile Cults Again”—but now he plans to host the InfoWars Christmas Spectacular, featuring conspiracy-laden Christmas carols, interviews with George Soros and Hillary Clinton, and a rousing round of Hollywood Pedophile Cult Squares.

“Boy, I would watch that,” Stern Show co-host Robin Quivers laughed.

Howard agreed “Alex’s” Christmas spectacular had promise, which was all the encouragement the InfoWars host needed to rip off his sweater and flaunt his full-figured physique. “This is what optimal male form looks like,” a shirtless “Alex” declared. “Supercharged male vitality.”

Watch the clip (above) and tune into Hollyweird Squares Tuesday on the Stern Show!