Brent Hatley Loses Consciousness While Out With His Co-Workers

But is the Stern Show staffer willing to give up weed for three months to see if smoking is to blame?

June 18, 2019

Since 2012, Brent Hatley has been experiencing strange episodes where he loses consciousness for short periods of time though he’s still not sure why. On Tuesday, he told Howard how it just happened to him again over the weekend while hanging out with a few of his Stern Show co-workers.

“I break out in a cold sweat and then I get dizzy and I’ll pass out for a second,” Brent explained.

For this most recent fainting spell, Brent had his wife Katelyn by his side as well as Jason Kaplan, Chris Wilding, and Howard’s stylist Ralph Cirella.

“It was scary. I mean, Brent just dropped,” Jason recalled. The group had just left a restaurant when Brent nearly took a spill out on the sidewalk. The incident is eerily similar to one he had years ago in Florida that resulted in him collapsing onto a street curb face first – Brent now has a titanium plate implanted in his chin due to the injury he sustained.

Brent has been examined by an endocrinologist, but she too is stumped by what’s causing these episodes. Stern Show co-host and former nurse Robin Quivers suspected it could be something regarding Brent’s blood pressure considering he always falls to the ground before losing consciousness.

“It is a blood pressure thing because you go down so that your blood pressure can equilibrate. The lower you are to the ground, the better off you are,” she told Brent.

Howard wondered if perhaps smoking weed had something to do with it, but Brent shot that notion down since he’s also passed out twice at work while stone-cold sober. Shuli Egar agreed with Howard, however, speculating Brent simply can’t handle his cannabis consumption.

“He’s just a lightweight,” Shuli said with a laugh. “It’s just hitting him too hard.”

In order to find out once and for all if marijuana was to blame for Brent passing out all the time, Howard challenged him to quit all things weed for three months and see if it makes a difference. While he said he could give up alcohol no problem, Brent was reluctant to go without weed for that long. Should he keep experiencing these episodes, though, he said the next step would be a three-day hospital stay so doctors could run further tests and thoroughly evaluate him.