VIDEO: Sal Governale Finds Out He Has Even More Relatives He Never Knew About

Stern Show staffer's "dad" also pays Howard another visit to discuss his many children

January 9, 2020

Howard had some Stern Show staffers in the studio on Wednesday to discuss the most shocking moments 2019. There were many moments to review but none were quite as jaw dropping as the news Sal Governale learned about his own family.

“Sal was actually shocked himself. His sister did one of these DNA tests online where you can check out your ancestry,” Jason Kaplan reminded Howard. “By doing this service, Sal discovered he has two half sisters he had no idea existed. It was a big shock to Sal, big shock to us to find it out, but even we didn’t know about all the other kids he had fathered.”

Since that initial revelation back in June, there have been more developments regarding the Governale family tree. “Before we left for the Christmas break Sal had met one of his new sisters, but he met the second one over the break,” Jason explained. “From what Sal was telling me there was a lot of crying going on.”

“Yeah it was a lot of crying … myself and my new half sister,” Sal admitted. “I was crying because she said she missed out on her grandparents … my father’s mother who was a sweet lady.”

However, what Jason revealed next was perhaps most shocking of all. “Sal’s family continues to grow. A new relative has been discovered,” Jason reported. “This time it’s not Sal’s father that fathered the new child, it’s Sal’s uncle. A new cousin has come forward.”

“How nice,” Howard remarked.

As it turns out, Sal’s new family is getting along quite well. “There’s been a silver lining … I do love the new family,” an upbeat Sal explained. “It’s been very nice … it could have been the other way around.”

For his part, “Sal’s Dad” appeared via satellite to beam about all his children. “I love all of my daughters, I have Angelina, Tisiana … Carolla, Pacino … Oprah … all of daughters,” he bragged. Watch his latest appearance in the video (above).