AUDIO: Underdog Reveals She Has a ‘Jersey Shore Boyfriend’ Named David

Wack Packer talks about their beach rendezvous on Halloween night

January 13, 2020
Photo: Shutterstock

Twice a week on the phone, Stern Show staffer Shuli Egar dials up beloved Wack Packer Suzanne Muldowney (best known for her impersonation of the cartoon character Underdog) to catch up on what’s new in her life. And even though the two talk regularly, he recently learned something he never knew before – she has a man in her life whom she refers to as her “Jersey Shore boyfriend.”

The revelation was made while Suzanne was talking about what she did for Halloween last year. She stuck to her normal October 31 tradition which included attending church and then dressing up as her original character Spectrum the Ghost King and hitting the beach come nightfall.

“Are other people on the beach with you?” Shuli asked over the phone.

“There’s only one other person – David, my longtime Jersey Shore boyfriend,” Suzanne replied.

“How did we miss that all these years?” a stunned Robin Quivers asked.

Suzanne went on to explain that though she’s had David in her life for quite some time, she doesn’t consider him her “sweetheart.”

“I’ve known him for many years and we correspond, we rendezvous rather regularly,” she told Shuli.

“Have any of these rendezvouses ever been romantic?” the Stern Show staffer asked.

“If you mean sexual, the answer is no!” Suzanne shot back. “A kiss on the cheek or a hug when we say goodbye for the night, yes. But very rarely have I gone out to dinner with him. Mostly he comes around to watch me in the parade and take pictures of me.”

While she was on the phone with Shuli, Suzanne even got a call from David but she struggled to pick up in time to talk to him. Hear her try to get him on the line in the audio clip (below).

Turns out, David isn’t even Suzanne’s only gentleman acquaintance. She also told Shuli about her friends Larry and Phil whom she counts as “boyfriends” as well.

“I didn’t make the list, huh?” Shuli joked.

“You’re a family man and you have a time-consuming job and career,” Suzanne gently told him.