VIDEO: JD Harmeyer Reveals He and His Wife Don’t Share a Joint Bank Account

Staffer also reveals the couple recently attended a wine-tasting event

January 13, 2020

On-air discussions about JD Harmeyer’s finances have been a gift that keeps on giving for a while now, and Monday proved no different after the Stern Show staffer revealed he and his wife of over a year don’t have a joint bank account.

The truth came out after JD explained why he’d recently arrived late to the Emotional Friends Fantasy Football League’s year-end party. “I was at a wine-tasting thing,” he said, adding it had been his wife’s treat. “That was a birthday present for me.”

Married couples generally share finances and his colleagues pointed out the money for the wine-tasting event was essentially coming from the same place either way. But that’s not how JD saw it.

“Do you guys keep separate accounts?” executive producer Gary Dell’Abate wondered.

“Yes. As of right now yes,” JD said, much to everyone’s surprise.

Robin Quivers was curious how that worked. “Who does what then? How do they decide on what’s what?” she asked.

“I’m not getting into the minutiae,” JD responded before revealing he isn’t privy to his wife’s account information and doesn’t know for certain how much money she has in the bank.

“Let’s say you go to a restaurant—she goes 50-50 with you?” Howard asked.

“No, I’ll pay mainly for the most part, but I’m sure we have,” JD said.

“Is it awkward when you have to put in credit cards together?” Howard wondered.

“No, for the most part I do it because I make, you know, significantly more than her,” JD said, explaining she’ll sometimes pay for things like groceries on her own, but that ultimately he’s the one responsible for scheduling all their bill payments.

“Has she ever owed you money for something that you have to, like, chase down?” staffer Shuil Egar laughed.

Ronnie Mund, meanwhile, said things work differently in he and his fiancée Stephanie’s household. “Me and Steph aren’t even married and she has credit cards, you know, on my account,” the limo driver explained. “And she wants to buy something, she buys it, you know, and I pay for it.”