VIDEO: JD Harmeyer’s Wild Night of Wine and Weed Led to Tears, Karaoke, and Opening Up About His Stern Show Co-Workers

“I cry all the time … I’m crying right now,” the staffer admits on new recording

January 27, 2020

JD Harmeyer, who famously tried marijuana for the first time in L.A. last year, had yet another wild night of weed and wine recently. “JD is huge into pot,” Howard said on Monday’s Stern Show. “I don’t even know where to begin with this kid.”

His latest foray into marijuana happened at a co-worker’s home where JD imbibed a barrage of vices. “He had a marga-weed-a … weed gummies, joints, and three bottles of wine,” Howard listed.

“Well that was one night where I let loose a little bit and probably a little too much,” the staffer admitted. “I don’t like to be out of control and this is like one of those rare times where I stupidly let myself out of control a little bit.”

Once he was in a certain state, JD’s host started asking him questions, beginning with when the last time he cried was. “Oh, I cry all the time,” JD opened up. “I’m crying right now … I’m tearing up, see?”

When co-host Robin Quivers pressed if he was mixing up sobbing with his eyes watering, JD wasn’t quite sure. “There’s probably something going on with me that I just don’t know or I haven’t realized yet,” the staffer confessed.

With the edibles really kicking in, JD was then asked to describe some of the people he works with at the Stern Show. “Jon Hein, he’s probably my best friend,” he began. “Gary Dell’Abate … talkative … I can’t describe Will [Murray] in a few words. Cantankerous, loveable.”

“If I’m calling Will loveable, I’m definitely fucked up,” JD later joked upon hearing his inebriated self.

While some of the night seems to be a fog for the staffer, JD doesn’t seem to have any regrets. “It was just one night I felt comfortable in my surroundings,” he said. “I had fun.”

“Thank goodness you don’t feel very comfortable very often,” Robin answered with a laugh.

Also captured were JD exercising his well-established karaoke muscles as well as making a plethora of sounds while eating and drinking. Hear a montage of all the noises he made throughout the night in the audio (below).