VIDEO: Jeff the Drunk Calls in to Complain About His Lack of Airtime

“Why do I feel I’m never picked up on?” the Wack Packer asks Howard

March 12, 2020

Jeff the Drunk called into the Stern Show recently to complain about his lack of airtime, but Howard quickly revealed he has a perfectly good reason for keeping the notoriously surly Wack Packer off the air.

“Why do I feel I’m never picked up on?” Jeff asked Howard on Tuesday’s show.

“Because you’re boring,” Howard replied.

Stern Show staffer Shuli Egar told Howard he’d even kept a list of all the boring things Jeff has called in wanting to talk about in recent months, from his high-school nickname (“Skippy”) to spreading well wishes for the weekend. Howard was mystified by the Wack Packer’s approach. “Let’s assume you have a radio show that’s really popular and there was a guy on the phone who wanted to say ‘have a good weekend’—would you pick up on him?” he asked Jeff.

“Okay, you might have got me there,” the Wack Packer conceded.

Even Jeff the Drunk’s infamous neck lump chimed in to side with the Stern Show. “I’m sick of him. I’m not even calling in anymore. I’m bored of his ass,” the Lump said of his host.

Howard’s co-host Robin Quivers eventually came up with a solution reminiscent of one from earlier in the week which had involved frequent caller Bobo. “How about this, Jeff—why don’t you write an essay on why you should be on the show?” Robin said.

“It should be 500 words,” Howard added.