Jon Hein Gives an Update on How He’s Been Self-Quarantining

“The elevator has become one of the most difficult parts of my life,” Stern Show staffer admits

March 24, 2020

Jon Hein checked in with Howard on Tuesday with an update on how he and his family are handling their quarantine amidst the coronavirus. While the Heins are managing in their New York City apartment, the Stern Show staffer admitted it’s not without its challenges.

“It drives me crazy,” the Stern Show staffer said of the people he has seen not practicing social distancing to prevent further spread of the virus. “You see elderly people taking a stroll and then there’s like these groups around them who you know could possibly infect them.”

Also troublesome for Jon are his moments with his building’s elevator. “The elevator has become one of the most difficult parts of my life,” he told Howard. “When the elevator’s going down and I see it’s going to stop on a floor, I move to the front, I put the dog there, I try to discourage people from getting on the elevator. I always bitch about waiting for the elevator but I would wait 10 minutes if I knew I could take it by myself.”

When asked about his recent eating habits, the “Fast Food Maniac” author and denier of gourmet food said he’s still enjoying meals of convenience, though not as much. “I had Shake Shack delivered yesterday,” Jon noted. “But … I’m actually eating a pretty healthy breakfast and a healthy dinner.”

Despite not having had a drop of alcohol in a quarter of a century, being in such close quarters for long periods of time has made the staffer reconsider. “Although we’re getting along great now, my wife and daughter, I mean, I’m gonna need something,” Jon said with a laugh. “There’s only so much TV you can take.”

Speaking of the tube, Howard and Robin discussed with Jon the recent list of shows he recommended to watch while stuck at home and, while they confronted him on some of his choices, the noted television expert stuck to his guns. “The TV I put up there is incredible,” he said confidently.

With his pre-existing condition of type 1 diabetes, Jon’s wife and daughter have been worried about his exposure to the coronavirus. “Both of them are very concerned about me catching it,” the staffer explained. “Which makes me feel 10 times worse if more people say, ‘You’re going to get it, you’re going to get it’ — it really starts to get into your head.”

Fortunately, Jon has been keeping somewhat active with his time at home. “I do get up and I walk the dog like three or four times a day,” he remarked. “That’s my exercise, plus I do go to the door to get the deliveries when they come.”