VIDEO: Bobo Shares His Top Five Questions for Guest David Letterman

“Has Dave ever witnessed Bigfoot or Dog men on his ranch?” frequent caller wonders to Howard

May 1, 2020

In Howard’s wide-ranging interview with guest David Letterman on Wednesday, which covered everything from fatherhood to the quarantine, there were at least five things that could have shed even more light: questions from Bobo.

“I wrote out top five questions if given the opportunity I would ask Dave,” the longtime caller confirmed to Howard before working down his list. “Number five: has Dave ever witnessed Bigfoot or dog men on his ranch?” He also was curious about if Dave had taught his teenage son Harry to drive or if he was prepared for a tornado.

“Were they color-coded?” Howard wondered, in reference to Bobo’s method of interview preparation. “Did each have its own color?”

“The one with the tornado I kind of put it in red,” Bobo admitted. “I said, ‘I don’t know if this is going to go over good.’ Red is bad, yellow is on the fence.”

When Howard pondered the idea of Bobo interviewing the late night legend, the idea didn’t go over well with Robin Quivers. “I think he would have hung up right away,” his longtime co-host chimed in with a laugh.

Find out the remaining questions Bobo didn’t get to ask in the video (above).