VIDEO: Ronnie Mund’s Voice Gets Unexpectedly Deeper After Installing a New Microphone

“I think they gave him a joke mic,” co-host Robin Quivers suggests after hearing her colleague

May 14, 2020

Ronnie Mund interrupted Wednesday’s Stern Show to accuse a co-worker of slacking off, but before long he was the one getting goofed on. Howard’s longtime driver chimed in to narc on JD Harmeyer for playing video games during the show, but JD turned the tables quickly by pointing out his colleague’s voice had suddenly taken on a much deeper timbre.

“What is going on with your mic?” JD asked Ronnie through fits of laughter.

“Your voice sounds weird,” Howard agreed.

“I sound weird? Why do I sound weird?” Ronnie said, blissfully unaware.

As Howard explained it, several key staffers had recently been sent upgraded mics to help them broadcast more clearly from home. Somehow, Ronnie’s was installed with a vocal modulation effect. Executive producer Gary Dell’Abate thought Ronnie may have created the issue himself simply by jumping the gun. “We were going to work with them after the show today to set it all up, but Ronnie set it up himself,” he said. “The engineers have no idea how this is happening.”

But Ronnie blamed his fiancée. “No, no, no, no—Stephanie set it up,” he insisted, adding, “They forgot the mic stand, so I got the thing sitting in a jar.”

Regardless of what happened, Howard and co-host Robin Quivers agreed that Ronnie’s brand-new voice sounded hilarious. “I think they gave him a joke mic,” Robin laughed.