Jon Leiberman Takes Listeners Inside Bigfoot’s Lair

See pictures of the Wack Packer's home

February 18, 2015

To cut to the chase, it’s a mess it is.

Thanks to intrepid reporters Jon Leiberman and Gregg Karmel for embedding themselves in Bigfoot’s life – bringing us these photos and many more soon to come.

Hear Bigfoot and his “girlfriend” Danielle today on Howard 100!

Danielle and Bigfoot

Every man needs a place to lay down and let the world disappear around him. This is Bigfoot’s.

Though the bed does seem to fit in with the rest of his decor, as this wide shot of his kitchen shows.

Walls are nice and white at least.


Fellow Wack Packer Jeff the Drunk called in later to compare his abode to Bigfoot’s. So here it is, inside Jeff the Drunk’s Trailer!

Jeff at home, working hard….playing video games

Jeff’s Power Desk

Yes, this is a grown man’s bookcase

Every home needs a Mullet Hall of Fame

Take it all in – Jeff the Drunk’s trailer!

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