Ronnie the Pace Car Driver Strikes Again

Check out photos of the limo driver's infamous purple pace car

June 15, 2015
Ronnie Mund and Jon Leiberman in front of the pace car Ronnie Mund and Jon Leiberman in front of the pace car Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ronnie Mund doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Or in this case, he drives the drive, in circles, over and over again.

For longtime listeners of the show it’s well known that Ronnie is a NASCAR and IndyCar lover. He even has a coffee table made out of a NASCAR tire. So a few years ago when he bought a Corvette “pace car” he was ecstatic to be able to pretend he was a real race car driver.

Sure, he was mocked on the air for his purple pace car — most on the staff were unaware that a pace car sets the speed at a racetrack during warm-up laps and caution periods — but it led to Ronnie actually being able to set the pace for a real IndyCar event!

Jon Leiberman captured it all and took a ride around the track with Ronnie (before scratching Ronnie’s ride).

So for anyone wondering what happens when you combine Ronnie, racing, and purple cars, your wait is over! Enjoy the gallery of photos (below) and let Ronnie know what you think his ride on Twitter!

This is Ronnie treating his car just like he treats his women: Great!

Jon suited up and prepared to be a brave boy for the sake of news.

Jon was terrified. He shrieked “Dude!” and “Slow down!” and screamed several times, all while Ronnie laughed in the driver’s seat.

Just this past weekend, Robin was driving around the city and she saw the ridiculous pace car parked on the street.

Since the pace car is unmistakable and basically a billboard for Ronnie, she stopped in the restaurant it was parked in front of and joined Ronnie’s party.

Who knows what this trophy was for.

Anyway, Considering what we know about Ronnie’s other hobbies, this one is actually kind of sweet.

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