Check Out Howard’s Weekend Playlist

The King Of All Media spent some time today going through the music that piqued his interest the past couple of days

August 31, 2015

Howard was busy at work this weekend discovering some new music and rediscovering some old favorites. Check out his recommendations below!

Keith Richards’ “Substantial Damage”

Photo: Facebook

Howard said that he read a great interview with Keith Richards in the New York Times over the weekend and it inspired him to listen back to a bunch of the Rolling Stones tunes. “I f-cking love his new song … I listened to it all weekend,” he told Robin.

“I played this song at least 500 times this weekend while I was doing my painting.”

Motorhead’s Rolling Stones Cover

While Howard admitted he has never been a huge Motorhead guy, he was really impressed by their new release.”They put out a cover version of ‘Sympathy of the Devil,’ which was sort of out of keeping with who they are – Motorhead – but they did a really good job,” he praised.

5 Seconds Of Summer “She’s Kinda Hot”

Though it isn’t new, Howard just discovered “She’s Kinda Hot” by 5 Seconds of Summer and thought it was pretty awesome. “I like that song. See? I like the kids; I like it all. I’m all over it … I was digging them,” he said.

Mark Harris “Republican Hit Parade”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

With bizarre tunes like “Vote For Trump” and “Dear Marco Rubio,” the latest release from Stern Show alum Mark Harris had everyone scratching their heads this morning as well. Vinnie Favale called in to say that he also received music on a regular basis from Mark and thought it was bizarre.

Head over to iTunes to hear the full album.

Yakety Sax

The most important song of the day though might have been the Benny Hill Theme Song, “Yakety Sax,” which Howard thought paired well with a clip he pulled of Caitlyn Jenner explaining how she wants men to treat her like a “normal” woman.

With Fred’s talented touch, the jazzy and iconic quickstep of saxophones brought Robin and Howard to fits of laughter all morning long.

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