R.I.P. Rapping Granny

Farewell to everyone's favorite elderly Wack Packer.

R.I.P. Rapping Granny

Despite her age, Rapping Granny was always, always prepared with an original rap for Howard

@sternshow @HowardStern Rapping Granny was the greatest she will be truly missed in the Hip Hop Community @Eminem #rip #granny

- Baldrick Pooner (@b_pooner) January 26, 2015

She was an amazing sport with a great sense of humor - evidenced by her TWO Sybian Rides

@sternshow @HowardStern Best Sybian ride in history. She shall be missed...

- The Snark Lord (@xdanni84x) January 26, 2015

For years we always got a visit from Rapping Granny on her birthday