McDonald's Japan is Serving Choco-Pumpkin Fries This Halloween

To celebrate it's 45th anniversary in Japan, the fast food company invites patrons to drizzle brown and orange sauces on its fries

If you thought ghouls and goblins were the scariest things you'd see this Halloween season, you thought wrong.

McDonald's Japan just added "choco-pumpkin fries" to its menus, a.k.a. french fries served with packets of chocolate and pumpkin sauces. The fast food powerhouse is doing it to celebrate its 45th anniversary in Japan, where residents reportedly clamor for pumpkin-spiced products around Halloween.

How do the choco-pumpkin fries taste?

"The flavors of pumpkin and chocolate went unexpectedly well, and it was quite tasty," Ayano Ishikama told Reuters.

Unfortunately for Jason Kaplan and Jon Hein, the Stern Show's biggest fast food fans, McDonald's currently has no plans to serve this dish at any of its nearly 15,000 U.S. restaurants.

h/t: Huffington Post