Video: New Fertility Device Lets Men Analyze Their Sperm at Home

The YO Home Sperm Test allows men to learn a lot about their swimmers

January 31, 2017
Photo: YO Home Sperm Test

Previously, men who wanted to study their sperm in-depth had to trek all the way to the doctor, but those days are over.

The YO Home Sperm Test is an at-home fertility kit which allows men to analyze their sperm by essentially turning their phones into microscopes, so they can see how their sperm looks almost instantly. The device differs from others on the market due to its ability to measure a sperm’s motility, in addition to count. Basically, you’ll know how much sperm you have and as well as its quality.

Here’s how it works: the user puts their sample on a disposable slide, which is then inserted into the provided YO clip and slid over the top of their phone, using a corresponding app to run the test. Results arrive in two to three minutes, along with a matching video of the sperm in action. Results are then stored in a database, to be revisited or deleted at any time.

The YO went on sale this week. Check out the demonstration video below (don’t worry, it’s SFW).

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