Taking Ayahuasca Is the Newest Business Trend

A company is helping entrepreneurs get further in the workplace in the trippiest way possible

March 30, 2017
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There’s a new trend in workplace productivity and it does not involve trust falls.

Members of the startup community have taken to traveling to Peru in order to drink ayahuasca, a hallucinogen famously taken by Robin Quivers on a 2011 trip. Ingesting the drug is said to result in a higher sense of clarity and connection with one’s self.

The organization Entrepreneurs Awakening has been leading the charge in applying the supposed benefits of the drug to the workplace, bringing willing participants on a 10-day ayahuasca excursion in Peru. This particular ayahuasca experience involves preparing for days on a strict diet until joining a shaman in the jungle, getting comfortable, and taking the drug. The experience usually starts with vomiting but soon leads to a unique hallucination that can supposedly bring about a high level of self-enlightenment.

As founder Entrepreneurs Awakening Michael Costuros told the Daily Beast, “It’s difficult to see yourself clearly if you are looking into a very dirty mirror. Ayahuasca cleans the schmutz off of the mirror, enabling you to see yourself clearly, free of distortion.”

According to Costuros, the results of one’s experience can be extremely beneficial to the workplace. “The business mastermind aspect of the program generates enough trust between participants that they are inspired to contribute to the success of each other’s ventures in any way possible,” he said.

Entrepreneurs Awakening has been taking business-minded participants on these literal trips since 2012. While the ayahuasca experience is getting more mainstream, including substantial coverage on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix series, “Chelsea Does,” Costuros recognizes that the drug not for everyone. He also revealed that an improperly trained shaman or poor preparation can lead to a traumatizing experience.

Read more about the ayahuasca phenomenon here.

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