VIDEO: Meet Harmony the Sexbot, the Realest RealDoll Ever Assembled

“May I be so forward to ask how big you are?” the A.I.-equipped android is programmed to inquire

August 10, 2017

Beggars can’t be choosers … unless they’re in the market for a make-believe girlfriend.

Abyss Creations, known best for manufacturing their life-like RealDoll, will soon offer a new silicone sexbot with a fully programmable personality. Unlike the company’s original product, the new dolls will be equipped with an A.I. engine called “Harmony” that allows customers to create their perfect match not just in looks but in 10 “persona points” that include selecting how sexual, moody, or intense the doll is.

According to a CNET report, the effort to bring RealDolls to life is being called “Realbotix” and the goal is to have the Harmony A.I. implanted into doll heads by the end of the year. The blinking eyes, moving mouth, and customized small talk will cost roughly $17,000 for a full doll. However, existing RealDoll customers will reportedly be able to swap their old girl’s head in for an automated one for only $10,000.

“The really cool thing about all of this is that everything is scalable,” said Matt McMullen, Abyss Creations CEO, founder, and chief designer. “The A.I. will continue to grow and the capabilities of what it can do when it’s interfacing with the robot will continue to grow. We’ve already allowed for the addition of sensors in the body. Internal heating, lubrication, things like that, that can be triggered by conversation or by touching.”

While virtual girlfriends are right around the corner, virtual boyfriends are still in early development.

Check out how these new robotic RealDolls are made in the video (above) and watch one CNET reporter interact with Harmony in the video (below).

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