VIDEO: Hot ‘Babysitter’ Slays in New Netflix Horror-Comedy

Samara Weaving, Bella Thorne, and “The Flash’s” Robbie Amell star in Oct. 13 flick

October 3, 2017

Convention gets turned on its head (and then shot in the boob) in the first trailer for “The Babysitter,” Netflix’s upcoming horror-comedy in which the titular babysitter is the story’s antagonist rather than victim.

The trailer, captioned with the tagline “human sacrifice with hot people,” begins with young Samuel (Doug Haley) spying on Bee (Samara Weaving), his smoking-hot and seemingly harmless babysitter.

He watches in awe as she invites her friends over for a party, plays a rousing round of spin the bottle, and shares a lesbian make-out session with Allison (former Disney starlet Bella Thorne), a ditzy cheerleader. Samuel’s fantasy turns into a nightmare, however, after he witnesses the babysitter straight-up murder a guy in his living room.

Before long Samuel’s fighting for his life as the posse of pea-brained popular kids—including Max (“The Flash’s” Robbie Amell), a jock who enjoys going shirtless—gear up to livestream a human sacrifice. Other gags from the savage but silly trailer teaser Thorne complaining after taking a bullet to her breast and Amell pantomiming fellatio with a corpse.

“The Babysitter,” directed by McG and also starring Hana Mae Lee and Andrew Bachelor, slashes its way onto Netflix Oct. 13. Watch the trailer (above).

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