Video: Watch Richard Christy's Appearance on 'Taste of Metal'

The Stern Show's resident beer expert and drummer guests on chef Brian Tsao's web cooking show

Richard Christy's passions in life — metal drumming, beer, good barbecue — are no secret, so it only makes sense that he should appear on "Taste of Metal," chef Brian Tsao's metal cooking show,

Listeners of Friday's Wrap Up Show heard Brian promote the Stern Show staffer and Charred Walls of the Damned drummer's guest appearance on his rocking web cooking show.

Over the course of the "Taste" episode, Richard and Brian grill some tasty-looking skirt steak ratatouille (or "charred walls of the steak"), which Richard pairs with some Charred Walls of the Damned beer. All in all, Richard seems to be in heaven. "Are we allowed to orgasm on screen?" Richard asks Brian as they eat.

After enjoying Brian's version of the meal, Richard is challenged to recreate the dish himself—all the while, Richard discusses guinea pigs, his songwriting process, and more.

Check out Richard's appearance on "Taste of Metal" (above).