VIDEO: Bruce Willis Cracks Bones and Jokes in First ‘Death Wish’ Trailer

Eli Roth-directed reboot hits theaters in November

August 3, 2017

Bruce Willis punishes bad guys with pleasure in the first trailer for “Death Wish,” MGM and Eli Roth’s upcoming reboot of the classic Charles Bronson vengeance franchise.

Like in the 1974 original, Dr. Paul Kersey’s (Willis) world is rocked after his wife and daughter get brutally attacked during a home invasion. His first recourse as a law-abiding citizen is the police, but after they refuse to bring his family’s assailants to justice Dr. Kersey decides to do it himself. Soon enough, he’s transformed into a vigilante executioner who hunts criminals where they live.

Whereas Bronson’s vigilante was driven only by his thirst for revenge, the first official trailer for the 2017 reboot (above) shows Willis taking a bit of pleasure in scrubbing clean his city’s underbelly. His executions are equally brutal, but they’re accompanied by grins, one-liners, and AC/DC’s “Back in Black.”

Vincent D’Onofrio, Dean Norris, Elisabeth Shue, Mike Epps, and Argentine-American model Camila Morrone also star in the 2017 reboot. When Roth joined the Stern Show in 2007, the director spoke about his early days in the film industry, including getting fired from “Meet Joe Black” and writing his breakthrough horror film “Cabin Fever” while guarding Howard’s trailer on the “Private Parts” set. Look back at Eli’s conversation with Howard here.

“Death Wish” opens Nov. 22. Watch the trailer (above).

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