VIDEO: Bruce Springsteen’s Tony-Winning Concert Special Releases First Trailer

“Springsteen on Broadway” debuts Dec. 16 on Netflix

November 27, 2018

Bruce Springsteen uses his words and music to share the story of his life in the official trailer for “Springsteen on Broadway,” his Tony-winning concert special headed to Netflix next month.

For most of the clip (above), it’s just the Boss, his guitar or a piano, and a microphone on stage. “This is what I’ve presented to you all these years as my long and noisy prayer, as my magic trick,” he tells those in the audience. “And like all good magic tricks it begins with a set-up.”

Next Bruce speaks of his father, whom he describes as both “hero” and “greatest foe.”

Springsteen’s autobiographical Broadway production has been selling out left and right since opening last year. The much-praised, solo performance (aside from one assist from his wife Patti Scialfa) ends its thrice-extended run on Dec. 15, just a day before Netflix’s filmed version goes live.

As Stern Show listeners may remember, the rock legend performed in front of an audience of SiriusXM subscribers—and also the Stern Show’s own Howard, Robin, Gary Dell’Abate, and Fred Norris—back in March, enabling both Gary and Howard to see “Springsteen on Broadway” for a second time.

“Halfway through the show, my wife goes, ‘Is it as good as it was the first time?’ And I go, ‘I don’t know how it is, but it’s better,'” Gary recalled the next day on-air.

“Springsteen on Broadway” debuts Dec. 16 on Netflix. Watch the trailer (above).

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