VIDEO: Watch the First Trailer for Neil Young’s Music-Filled Western Film

“Paradox,” directed by Daryl Hannah, debuts March 23 on Netflix

Netflix has dropped the official trailer for “Paradox,” a fantasy-infused Western directed by Daryl Hannah and starring music icon Neil Young.

The debut clip (above) includes all sorts of strange and ominous imagery, from showdowns in the street to a person who inexplicably floats away. The digital streamer describes the film as "a loud poem and a free-spirited tale of music and love."

“Many moons ago, in the future, a mangy group of outlaws hid out by a precious water source while the real bad guys quietly stole the seeds of life,” a narrator explains as a black-hatted, guitar-strumming Neil leads a band of men through a marsh.

While frontier living may seem out of place for a celebrated entertainer like Neil, the 72-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and 2014 Stern Show guest has shown preference for alternative living in the past, whether that’s trekking through America on a road trip or sharing a tepee with Marilyn Manson, Lou Reed, and Billy Corgan, who later shared the incredible story with Howard.

“Paradox”—co-starring another music legend in Willie Nelson as well as his sons Lukas and Micah—debuts this week at SXSW and March 23 on Netflix. Watch the official trailer (above).