Most Memorable Wack Pack and Stern Show Superfan Moments of 2019

From the Underdog Embedded special to Hollyweird Squares

December 13, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

From the release of Tan Mom and Medicated Pete’s new singles to in-studio extravaganzas like the High Pitch Erik Weigh-Off and Hollyweird Squares, the Wack Pack was an integral part of what made the Stern Show great in 2019. Before Howard heads into 2020, take a look back at the most epic Wack Pack and Superfan moments from the past year!

Underdog Embedded

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Longtime Stern Show favorite Suzanne “Underdog” Muldowney spent quality time with staffers Shuli Egar and Chris Wilding in early 2019, leading to an Embedded special overflowing with so much content it needed to be split into two separate packages for the air. The group partook in several activities during their day together, including washing clothes at the laundromat and chatting about everything from Suzanne’s breakfast routine to her fondness for Vlad the Impaler. The staffers even treated her to a snack at Arby’s, her fast food locale of choice, and she later returned the favor by feeding them cake at her house.

Perhaps most memorably, Muldowney sent Shuli off with a Dracula-inspired vampire kiss on his neck. “I had a little red mark, but she didn’t suck really hard,” Shuli explained. Listen to clips from the Embedded special (below).

Last Wack Packer Standing

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Those in the Wack Pack aren’t exactly known for their busy schedules, but in March the Stern Show unveiled the Last Wack Packer Standing special to determine which member of the prestigious group had the most time on its hands. Jeff the Drunk, Tan Mom, High Pitch Erik, Bigfoot, Bobo, and Medicated Pete were all included in the social experiment which involved them getting together on a conference call to see what they’d talk about and who dared stay on the line the longest. The call lasted 34 minutes until Bobo finally hung up and Medicated Pete was declared Last Wack Packer Standing.

Tan Mom Debuts New Single “Money Maka”

Following the success of their debut song “Free 2 Be Me,” Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil and Adam Barta returned to the studio once again in 2019 to record “Money Maka,” a brand-new, up-tempo single with lyrics touching upon everything from chicken soup to doing “rubs.”

“Everything out of this woman’s mouth is gold,” Howard laughed after hearing the tune.

Shuli sat in on the Wack Packer’s studio sessions and reported back that Tan Mom didn’t even show up on Day 1 of recording and then showed up so early on Day 2 that no one was there to let her in the studio. Check out the Stern Show’s conversation about “Money Maka” (above) and listen to the song itself (below).

Angry Alice Shows Off Her Fred Norris Shrine

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Angry Alice has been calling in since the late ‘90s and in April she finally let the Stern Show into her home. When Shuli arrived he was quick to note her many pictures and decorations, from photos of wrestling stars, actors, and famous mafiosos to the shrines she built to honor Fred Norris, Howard’s sound effects extraordinaire.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“I love him as a brother — and I like the way he look,” Angry Alice told Shuli … before complaining about how the view of Fred’s face in the studio is often obstructed.

Wendy the Slow Adult Update

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wendy the Slow Adult called into the show in April and revealed she’d been seriously injured in a car accident which forced her to relocate to a rehabilitation facility to make her recovery. “I cannot stand up or walk at all,” the Wack Packer told Howard during their conversation, before explaining that she liked her new roommate but missed being at home with her mom and cats.

A few months later, Stern Show staffer Jason Kaplan went down to Florida to pay Wendy a visit. He said she was excited to see him when he showed up, in part because of the Wack Packer’s long-standing crush on him and in part because he brought her fast food from the restaurant Wendy’s. Jason shared good news about Wendy the Slow Adult’s ongoing recovery, revealing she even took some steps while he was there. “The thing that made me feel really good was the staff – super nice,” he told Howard. “They were all very friendly, all very friendly to her.”

High Register Sean’s Conspiracy Theories

High Register Sean made quite a resurgence in 2019, calling into the Stern Show multiple times to share his thoughts on nearly every conspiracy theory under the Sun. In May, he warned listeners about half-human, half-canine “dog men.”

“They are nefarious creatures … they don’t have souls,” Sean claimed.

In June, he told Howard dog men aren’t the only threat in his neighborhood. Sean said he was also on the hunt for Sasquatch. “We found a footprint in the mud. I made a cast of it,” he said. In September, Sean took a caller to task for suggesting alien enthusiasts shouldn’t “storm” Area 51 to see what secrets and alien technology the government is keeping from everyone. “It’s making me sick to my stomach listening to you tell these fine Americans not to get the information that we’ve been lied to, suppressed from,” Sean said before getting into a discussion with “Alex Jones.” Listen to their conversation (below).

Jeff the Drunk vs. The World

Jeff the Drunk isn’t known for his easygoing behavior, but in 2019 the cantankerous Wack Packer seemed to butt heads with even more people than usual. He and High Pitch Erik got into it in May after High Pitch accused him of stealing his customers on Cameo. While Erik may have been the first Wack Packer to start making money crafting custom shout-out videos, Jeff assured Howard he would no doubt top his rival in the end. “I will be the king of Cameo, motherfucker!” he declared.

Jeff the Drunk then clashed with Shuli Egar in July after reportedly showing up “shitfaced” to the staffer’s comedy show and constantly interrupting his set. The Wack Packer didn’t deny the allegations and instead pinned the blame on Shuli. “Why invite me?” Jeff told Howard. “Shuli knows how I fucking am.”

He got into another Cameo-centered kerfuffle in November after accusing longtime caller Bobo of using pictures of Howard on his profile to get more customers. “You’re a fucking user, Bobo,” Jeff told Bobo at one point. “What you’re yelling at me not to do, you’re doing the same thing, fuck face.”

Bobo Ditches His $1,500 Hair System

Bobo opted for a more natural look in 2019 after his infamous hairpiece started giving him problems. It started in June when the longtime caller told Howard he’d developed lesions on his head. It was a skin irritation, according to his dermatologist, likely caused by wearing his toupee in hot and humid Florida, where he now lives. “He said my scalp wasn’t breathing properly,” Bobo said before revealing he’d thrown out all three of his $1,500 hairpieces.

Bobo came to the studio a few weeks later wearing a paper bag and then unveiled his bald head live on the show so everyone could see. The reactions to his new look were mostly positive, with many staffers saying he actually looked more handsome without the toupee. “You look so much better!” Robin Quivers told him. “You ran around with a squirrel on your head for years and you could’ve looked like this?”

Medicated Pete: The Interview

Medicated Pete sat down with Howard for an interview in August and the former Stern Show intern turned Wack Packer had plenty to say. In addition to opening up about a recent relationship and breakup, Pete showed JD Harmeyer his impressively sized manhood, discussed starring in a film alongside staffers Richard Christy and Sal Governale, and debuted his new collaboration with Adam Barta, a song called “In My Opinion.”

High Pitch Erik Becomes a Licensed Driver

Of all the improbable things to happen in 2019, High Pitch Erik getting a car and his driver’s license ranks up near the top. The saga began in September when the Wack Packer revealed he’d obtained his learner’s permit, driven around the city with it, and planned to soon take the road test. “I can’t believe he’s on the road,” Howard said after learning the news.

Self-proclaimed driving expert Bobo soon weighed in, predicting Erik would pass his road test while also lamenting how easy things have gotten for a new generation of drivers. “The road test used to be a solid 20 minutes, 25—intersections, railroad crossings, maybe a little bit of expressway—now, it’s like 10 minutes and you’re done.”

Bobo was proven right a few days later when Erik called in announcing he passed the road test and become a fully licensed driver. Unfortunately, having a license didn’t seem to stop him from making questionable decisions behind the wheel. The deeper Shuli investigated Erik’s driving, in fact, the more he learned about the Wack Packer’s road rage, propensity for car accidents, and mounting parking tickets.

Erik later copped to using police lights in his car to help him get through traffic. Howard lectured him about that repeatedly, but the Wack Packer seemed confident he would never get caught. “When I see a police car I turn them off,” Erik said.

Fifth Anniversary of Eric the Actor’s Death

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

September marked the fifth anniversary of Eric the Actor’s passing, so Howard and Robin paid tribute to the beloved Wack Packer by remembering and replaying many of his most memorable Stern Show moments. Some of the highlights included Eric’s very first call to the show in 2002, the strange voicemail he left for his friend Johnny Fratto, and the classic prank in which High Pitch Erik dialed Eric up and pretended to be his longtime crush, Kelly Clarkson.

“He was arguably the greatest Wack Packer ever,” Howard said. “Eric was a rich tapestry of material.”

High Pitch Erik Weigh-Off

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The Stern Show brought High Pitch Erik into the studio in November for a weigh-off, but instead of calculating his weight in pounds Howard checked to see how many copies of his 2019 bestseller “Howard Stern Comes Again” the Wack Packer weighed. It took an enormous, custom-built scale to hold Erik alongside the 133 copies of Howard’s book required to lift him completely off the ground. Watch the video(below).

Will the Farter ‘Comes Again’

Will the Farter returned to the studio in December and honored “Howard Stern Comes Again” with a 21-fart salute. The longtime guest got into position by laying on his back, which helped him “suck in the air” he needed for his fart barrage, and Gary Dell’Abate donned a gas mask while holding a mic up to his butt.

The bowel-shaking tribute went as smoothly as could be expected—Howard was truly impressed. “What a salute … there’s no better way to promote than what you just did,” he said after Will’s neck-straining finale. “You are the world’s premiere farter.”

Hollyweird Squares

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The Stern Show wrapped up 2019 in style with the long-awaited return of Hollyweird Squares. The segment featured celebrity guests like comedian Nikki Glaser and TV personality Ross Mathews answering trivia questions alongside Wack Packers Mark the Bagger, Wendy the Slow Adult, and High Register Sean as well as baseball pro Lenny Dykstra and porn star Jackhammer.

High Register Sean discussed conspiracy theories with “Alex Jones” in between questions while Wendy was excited to be back in the studio after spending 28 weeks in a rehabilitation facility recovering from an awful car accident. “I’m out but we’re waiting to hear from the therapy people if I can stand up and walk,” she told Howard, adding that can go to the toilet on her own now but her mom still needs to help her wipe.

While Wendy missed a question about the presidential line of succession and Sean was stumped about the state with the most U.F.O. sightings, Mark the Bagger managed to do the Wack Pack proud by correctly guessing the speed of human ejaculate. Get a full run-down on Hollyweird Squares here.

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