Coldplay’s Chris Martin Stars as a Schoolboy in ‘Champion of the World’ Music Video

Song appears on British rock band’s recent “Everyday Life” album

February 26, 2020

Kids verbally and physically attack someone on a playground in the opening seconds of Coldplay’s new “Champion of the World” music video. As cameras pull back the victim is revealed to be none other than the British rock band’s legendary frontman, Chris Martin.

Directed by Cloé Bailly, the clip (above) stars Martin as uniform-and-backpack-wearing schoolboy who must for some reason relive grade school horrors like parental malfeasance, performance anxiety, and the aforementioned recess pummeling. Through the power of positive thinking, however, Chris eventually figures out how to make his lot in life better. He soon blows up his playground enemies with his mind and straddles a rocket ship as it flies through his neighborhood.

“Champion of the World” hails from “Everyday Life,” Coldplay’s double album from November which also birthed songs like “Daddy,” “Arabesque,” and “Orphans.”

Chris has joined the Stern Show multiple times over the years, most recently in 2016 when he opened up to Howard about everything from headlining the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show to the band’s recently released EP “A Head Full of Dreams.” He also regaled listeners with a live, in-studio cover of the classic David Bowie tune “Life on Mars?” Check out the video (below).

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