VIDEO: Jerry Seinfeld Makes the Best of a Bad Hot Dog in ’23 Hours to Kill’ Official Trailer

Comedy legend’s new stand-up special hits Netflix on Tuesday

May 4, 2020

Comedy legend and repeat Stern Show guest Jerry Seinfeld describes the thin line between good and bad in the official trailer for his new stand-up special “23 Hours to Kill,” arriving Tuesday on Netflix.

“‘Sucks’ and ‘great’ are pretty close,” Jerry explains from the stage (above). “You go to a baseball game, you have a hot dog: The hot dog is cold. The bun is not toasted. The vendor is an ex-con in a work release program. You love that hot dog every time. Does it suck? Yes! Is it great? Yes! That’s how close they are.”

At another point in the trailer, the “Seinfeld” co-creator pokes fun at the fact he’s decided to return to the stage at all. “You know for a fact, I could be anywhere in the world right now,” he tells the audience. “Now, you be honest. If you were me, would you be up here hacking out another one of these?”

Filmed at New York City’s Beacon Theater, “23 Hours to Kill” is the comedian’s second stand-up effort for Netflix, following 2017’s “Jerry Before Seinfeld.” That same year he sat down with Howard to chat about everything from which eventual “Will & Grace” star was nearly cast as a lead on “Seinfeld” to the awkwardness he feels when audiences greet him with a standing ovation before he has even told a joke. “I find that very uncomfortable. I haven’t done anything,” Jerry said with a laugh. “At the end, OK, I’ll take it. At the beginning, it’s a little odd.” Listen to a clip from Seinfeld’s conversation with Howard (below).

“Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill” arrives Tuesday, May 5 on Netflix.

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