VIDEO: Steve Carell Runs a Midwestern Mayoral Campaign in Jon Stewart’s Political Comedy ‘Irresistible’

May 29 film co-stars Chris Cooper, Rose Byrne, Mackenzie Davis, Topher Grace, and Natasha Lyonne

January 24, 2020

Steve Carell plays a political strategist struggling to get a Midwestern man elected mayor in fellow Stern Show veteran Jon Stewart’s upcoming comedy “Irresistible.”

The clip (above) begins with Carell presenting to a boardroom full of polished Washington, D.C. strategists. “Democrats are getting their asses kicked,” he says. “We need some way to road test a more rural friendly message.”

Enter retired Marine colonel turned dairy farmer Jack Hastings (Chris Cooper). After watching a viral video of him speak, Carell becomes convinced the charismatic farmer might have what it takes to run for mayor of his small town in Wisconsin, a swing state. “Nice,” says one of Carell’s acolytes after viewing Carell’s presentation.

“John Wayne and a tractor have a baby, and all you can say is nice?” Carell responds.

“Irresistible” co-stars Rose Byrne, Topher Grace, Natasha Lyonne, Mackenzie Davis, and Will Sasso. It was produced by Plan B Entertainment and Stewart, who also wrote and directed the film. As Stern Show fans will remember, politics and farming were two of the many subjects Stewart covered during his most recent sit down with Howard in 2017. In addition to opening up to the King of All Media about how he knew it was time to step away from his late-night satirical news program “The Daily Show,” Jon also discussed the ins and outs of running an animal sanctuary.

Listen to a clip from their conversation (below).

“Irresistible” opens May 29.

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