VIDEO: Kate Hudson Plays a Drug Dealer Tasked With Raising Her Autistic Half-Sister in Sia’s Directorial Debut ‘Music’

Maddie Ziegler, Leslie Odom Jr., and Juliette Lewis co-star in the upcoming musical drama

January 21, 2021

Kate Hudson plays a newly sober drug dealer whose life takes an unexpected turn after gaining custody of a teenager in Sia’s upcoming musical drama “Music.”

The new trailer for the February film begins with Zu (Hudson) selling drugs to a high-end client played by Stern Show veteran Juliette Lewis. Business is good but not good enough, and she’s in desperate need of cash. Zu anticipates inheriting some money after the death of her grandmother, but she instead gets awarded custody of Music (Maddie Ziegler), her autistic half-sister. The trailer takes a turn for the fantastical once Zu begins seeing the world through Music’s eyes, and Hudson’s character finds herself immersed in a vibrantly colored and stylishly choreographed Sia musical.

Tony and Grammy-winning “Hamilton” actor Leslie Odom Jr. co-stars in the film, which Australian pop superstar Sia directed and co-wrote along with Dallas Clayton. The “Music” soundtrack features 10 new Sia songs, including “Together” which debuted last May.

As Stern Show fans no doubt remember, Sia joined Howard in the studio in 2014 for both a live performance and a wide-ranging conversation about her life and career. Hudson visited the Stern Show in 2016 and spoke candidly about everything from her famous parents, her thoughts on romantic comedies, and landing her role in the movie “Almost Famous.” Watch a clip from her sit-down with Howard (below).

“Music” debuts Feb. 10 in select IMAX theaters and arrives Feb. 12 on demand.

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